Gardening for biodiversity

June 12, 2024By SeverineUncategorized

Garden maintenance is boring. It is often seen as the repetitive, less creative side of gardening, and is often delegated to people who are good at tidying up, but don’t really know what it is that they are tidying up, and nevermind why. This isn’t meant as a put-down of the tidy-uppers, more a general … Read More

Best laid plans

November 16, 2023By SeverineGarden, Uncategorized

  Anybody who has been wowed by beautiful garden planting, or felt excited about some creative plant combinations, will want to try and replicate that feeling in their own gardens. There are many plants to choose from and pretty much endless planting combinations. So no wonder I get WhatsApp photos of empty borders and requests … Read More

Confidence tricks

October 16, 2023By SeverineUncategorized

Tips for a low maintenance garden Let’s face it, nobody has ever asked me to create a high maintenance garden. This post is about steps and attitudes to take if you want to feel that you’re ruling your garden and not the other way round. First of all, a low maintenance garden is a know … Read More


March 30, 2023By SeverineUncategorized

A recent stay in hospital meant that I was cut off from all external sounds for 3 days. My ward had a view over the hospital lobby, but no sound coming through the thick double glazing, and certainly no traffic noise, no wind whistling, no rain battering the windows and no birdsong. I knew that … Read More

Nature remembering

February 22, 2023By Rae StoryUncategorized

This is a guest post from Rae Story. Rae is an artist and Qi-Gong practitioner, who integrates nature in her work. I shared with Rae this idea of ‘inheritance plants’, which are those significant plants we receive or get to know from other people and the ones we would like to pass on and be … Read More

Do not worry

January 31, 2022By SeverineUncategorized

Over the years I have listened to friends’ and customers’ various garden “concerns”, which I sometimes try to debunk. They are usually to…

Things for free

November 2, 2021By SeverineUncategorized

As a garden designer, I often feel like my customers’ personal shopper. In essence, I’m trying to be as good as possible at spending…